Odyssey Technology Co., Ltd. is a Hong Kong R & D and production testing equipment leading companies. Company's technology strength, with the foreign employees, students and the mainland return to Hong Kong to introduce various types of high-tech R & D personnel R & D team composed of more than 200. The main products are Glow wire tester, Needle flame test apparatus, horizontal and vertical burning tester, tracking tester, textile burning tester, protective clothing thermal conductivity tester, melt dripping tester, flammability tester building materials, friction and wear tester and test machines and other kinds of testing instruments and agents of the German WAZAU, Germany PTL, Germany FISCHER, Japan NMB, Japan NoiseKen, the United States and other international brands MONROE ELECTRONIC..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Kai Wu (Mr.)
    Tel: 0755-26566158-8806
    Fax: 0755-26978981
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